The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) and the Crown Inn at Woolhope, Herefordshire, have combined to create some truly mouthwatering recipes that have cider and perry at their core.

As we are now in the midst of the harvest, it provides the perfect opportunity to showcase the versatility of cider and perry as ingredients, and demonstrate that recipes can go beyond staple classics such as pork and cider.

The award-winning Crown Inn not only produces fantastic food, but is regarded as one of the best cider houses in Herefordshire.They even make their own cider and perry, appropriately called ‘King’s’.


Matt Slocombe, proprietor at the Crown Inn regularly uses cider and perry in his dishes and is a passionate advocate for using local products. ‘Cider and perry provide flavours, aromas and textures that no other drink can. They are integral ingredients for many of the dishes we create, specifically chosen from the wealth of local producers on my doorstep.’

Head Chef at the Crown, Dave Brewin, has created 3 dishes exclusively for the NACM website: Halibut with trompet mushroom & sweet perry sauce; Pigeon breast, black pudding, beef dripping fried bread & cider demi-glace; and Salt beef with reduced cider.

Gabe Cook, Communications Officer for the NACM is suitably impressed with the results. ‘I am lucky enough to have tried these three dishes and they are absolutely exquisite! They really show how, with a bit of skill and creativity, cider and perry can be the star of the show.’

These new recipes, alongside many existing ones, can be found at