Fourth generation cidermaker Thatchers will be driving awareness of its Katy Single Variety cider this spring with an outdoor and sampling campaign with retailers.

Thatchers Katy, a traditional premium cider, has been crafted at Myrtle Farm for over 21 years, enjoying national distribution. It is being featured in an extensive outdoor campaign, including six-sheet and digital screen panels nationally supporting listings in Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Booker.

This will be accompanied by couponing and in-store sampling, as well as consumer advertising in retailer publications.

James Kennedy, head of off-trade for Somerset cidermaker Thatchers says,

“We’re seeing a major move towards premiumisation in the cider category. Consumers are prepared to spend more to enjoy a high quality, premium cider like Thatchers Katy. The values of heritage and provenance are important to consumers and there’s no better heritage than four generations of cidermaking here at Myrtle Farm, and over 500 acres of our own Somerset orchard.

“The Katy apple is grown in our orchards here at Myrtle Farm and is a very special apple to us, characterised by its beautiful bright red skin.  A dessert apple, it provides the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness for a single variety cider, and is the perfect apple for an expertly crafted, traditional premium cider, a key message of this campaign.

“Apple ciders dominate the traditional premium sector, which is showing strong sales growth (up 15.9% vs YA*).

“This campaign will achieve an estimated 55 million views, bringing Thatchers Katy to the front of mind with consumers over the Easter period.”

A softly sparkling Somerset Cider, Katy is pressed and bottled at Thatchers’ Myrtle Farm from the red, juicy Katy apple.  The 7.4% single variety cider is medium dry, with its natural fruit acidity making it a great pairing for foods such as fish and white meats.

The new campaign follows the first solus campaign for Katy, which appeared in November and December 2017, in the run-up to the Christmas period, and now appears pre and post Easter, a key time of the year for cider purchase.

The campaign runs from 26th March to 6th May,  and includes participation in the Tesco Cider Festival.

The Thatchers cider brands will be front of mind with the public once again this year. Thatchers’ 2018 activity started in February with its TV campaign for Thatchers Gold, continuing throughout Spring and Summer with a refreshed marketing campaign with What Cider’s Supposed to Taste Like, including digital, social media, consumer and trade press, PR, as well as a new experiential and sampling campaign being launched in April.

Thatchers Katy has an RRP £2.00 for 500ml NRB


*Source: IRI value MAT 06.01.2018