NACM is proud to be working with NIAB-EMR and the other partners to sponsor BBSRC CTP PhD students who are conducting cider apple relevant research as a part of their PhD.  Over a series of features we will introduce you to each student and the topic that they are researching. To begin with, we look at an overview of the programme and how it will help to contribute to a secure and sustainable future for cider apple growing.   For more information please contact us.

Magda, who is from Andalucía and who grew up on an orange and olive farm, has a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Biotechnology and Genetics through which she has gained extensive background knowledge in genetics.  In 2014 she started working at NIAB-EMR as a research technician and during this time participated in several research projects in a multidisciplinary team.

Rootstocks are an essential component for successful tree fruit production, yet the below ground root systems are little understood.  Her research will aim to identify the genetic basis of root system architecture in apple rootstocks and to associate root type with nutrient and water use efficiencies, and also anchorage in this woody perennial species. This research will contribute to the generation of new and improved rootstocks and could have significant potential impact for other high value perennial crops.