Thatchers Cider has produced two new, limited edition Special Vintage Ciders.

Somerset Redstreak and Katy, 7.4%, has been crafted from these two favourite varieties of apple to create a fine, full-flavoured cider which has a light fragrant aroma and soft rounded finish.

The second of the pair, Tremletts Falstaff, also 7.4%, offers a long, dry finish, and a rich full bodied flavour.

Both of these cider makers’ specials are available as Limited Edition ciders, and are available exclusively from the Thatchers Cider Shop at Myrtle Farm in Somerset.

“Understanding apple varieties and how they each bring their special character to a cider is such an important and valuable skill,” says Martin Thatcher, fourth generation cider maker. “Our cidermakers are indeed craftsmen, and they’ve been perfecting their skills for many years – the results are here for us all to enjoy in these two very special, limited edition ciders.”

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