We are pleased to announce that from September 2018, membership of the association is open to any UK cider maker.

Members agree to the following:

–  That they meet the criteria laid out in the associations Members’ Agreement
–  That they will abide by the NACM Code of Practice
–  That they agree to conform to the Portman Group Code of Practice

Members are expected to:

–  Attend 4 Council Meetings per year
–  Support NACM activity at APPCG receptions in Westminster
–  Provide annual volume data and sign an annual declaration of conformity
–  Contribute to and support NACM priorities and objectives
–  Support the activity of sub-committees

2018/2019 Membership Fees are:

–  £500 per annum for cider makers below 15,000 Hl
–  Levy based on annual volume for those above 15,000 Hl
–  Membership rates are reviewed annually.
–  All members, regardless of size will have one vote at meetings.

If you are interested in joining the NACM, please contact us for further information.