Magners has launched “Think 100% Irish”, a new campaign to encourage people to adopt the Irish ethos and see the silver lining in any situation.

Think 100% Irish has been created to encapsulate not only Magners’ impressive 80 year history producing cider from their County Tipperary home, but the Irish way of life, which is as much a part of the cider as the apples grown at the 150 acre onsite orchard.

The new campaign will kick off with a series of targeted online ads, which use every day observations and relatable situations to introduce how you could Think 100% Irish’ and look on the sunny side of life.

For example, you might have a boring office job – but at least you get paid to scroll Facebook. You might be worried you don’t quite ‘measure up’ – but don’t think it’s tiny – it’s fun size!

The adverts show a Magners pint glass which has been filled half way, sitting on a table in an outdoor sunny cider garden. They make light-hearted observations about everyday situations in a glass half full / half empty style.

This creative ties in perfectly with Magners’ sunny outlook and heroes the refreshing drink, and iconic over ice serve Magners is famous for.

Over the coming months, Think 100% Irish will be rolled out to include reactive stunts, experiential and festival activations.

The light-hearted new campaign is set to engage drinkers, showing them the silver lining to any situation, and encourage them to adopt the Irish outlook.

Janette Murray, Brand Manager of Magners UK said: “This is an exciting year for Magners. We wanted to inject some of that twinkley-eyed humour and love of a great laugh that the Irish are famous for. We’d like to encourage cider fans to follow our lead and look for the silver lining in everyday situations.”

“Our quirky new campaign won’t ask drinkers to start hugging trees or strangers in the street in a quest for positive vibes – but it will give them a laugh and help them see that modern life isn’t so bad.”

“We’ll be introducing the campaign to consumers in the coming weeks and taking advantage of every possible opportunity to help drive sales through the tills in both the on and off trade throughout the UK. Magners will also be present at 11 festivals across the country throughout the summer where I’m sure there will be plenty of occasions for consumers to try out their new Magners mindset.”