The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) has hosted its inaugural Technical Seminar in Hereford this week. This event brought together cider technical expertise from all around the world, on a host of topics pertinent to the modern cider maker in the UK.

Amongst the excellent turn out of over 60 people were representatives from a wide variety of producers, spanning from Cornwall to Scotland, and ranging in size from artisan scale producers, all the way up to the world’s largest.

Jean-Pierre Stassen, President of AICV, the European Cider Association, kicked off the day with an overview of the European cider market, and was followed up by in depth presentation from John Worle, sharing his 50 years of cider apple growing experience.

The afternoon session comprised of an in-depth overview of polyphenols by Dr Andrew Lea, craft cider guru and formerly of the Long Ashton Research Institute.  He demonstrated the unique role they play in the aroma and flavour of West Country style ciders. The session was rounded off by Sigrid Gertsen-Schibbye, from Lallemand, who welcomed the audience into the world of yeast nutrients, and their critical influence over the quality of cider making.

The response to the seminar from attendees was incredibly positive, and the NACM has promised to host an improved session next year, building upon the learnings from this first attempt.

NACM Communications Officer, Gabe Cook, said, ‘Today’s successful seminar demonstrates that cider makers are constantly seeking to improve their technical knowledge, to make ever increasingly innovative, complex and quality products.’ He continues,’ The diversity of cider makers’, and their products, is a unique attribute to the category, and we will continue to facilitate producers to improve their technical knowledge.’