We are very grateful that the Chancellor has announced that cider duty will again be frozen in today’s Budget.  UK cider makers are under tremendous pressure and whilst we had asked for a reduction in duty, we are pleased that he has listened to our concerns and ensured that the current level of decline does not deteriorate further.  The new duty rate for the mid-strength duty band, for ciders between 6.9% and 7.5% ABV of £50.71, introduced from 1st February 2019, will result in an increase of more than 10p per litre bottle.  An increase that will impact a large number of cider makers across the UK of all sizes and something that they are disappointed about.  Gordon Johncox, chair of the National Association of Cider Makers commented “Great British ciders are a part of rural tradition in many parts of the UK and by freezing cider duty today, the Chancellor has given support to our great industry. Whilst the Chancellor has been very fair in freezing cider duty, we are still concerned for those cider makers inadvertently impacted by the new mid-strength duty band.”