The Garden Cider Company has opened the doors of its bottling plant to help support local breweries with a surplus of beer. With on-trade sales at zero, breweries have had to change tack and look to bottle beer that would have ordinarily supplied pubs, bars and restaurants.

With its limited shelf life, there have been concerns that thousands of litres beer will go to waste if not bottled quickly. Current waiting times in larger bottling plants are too long to offset the problem and breweries have been left with surplus product that they are unable to utilise to meet the increased off-trade demand.

Garden Cider is now in a position to help breweries needing to bottle their beer fast. The sustainable cider-making company opened its own bottling plant in 2018 to not only lower its own production costs but to offer a competitive, agile and flexible alternative to breweries in the area. It specialises in smaller quantities, of between 1000 and 10,000 litres, and offers just a two-week waiting time, compared to the standard eight weeks required by larger bottling plants.

Ben Filby, co-founder of Garden Cider, said: “We’re a family run business which allows us to be more flexible for our bottling customers. We also understand the industry from their side as cider makers who have used external bottling plants ourselves, and we really endeavour to make the process as simple and painless as possible.

“We’re currently taking bottling bookings two weeks in advance, but we will try and accommodate and prioritise breweries according to their needs. So just get in touch – we’re here to help!”

The Garden Cider Company was founded in 2010 by brothers, Will and Ben Filby, and is entirely sourced from local, donated garden apples. The company’s ethos is based in sustainability, taking an abundant largely wasted natural resource and turning it into an ethical, quality product with a unique provenance. Garden Cider receives donations from more than 4000 local households who in turn receive a percentage of their apples’ yield.

For all bottling enquiries contact:


T: 01428 645 191

The Garden Cider Company was created in 2010 by Ben and Will Filby. The idea is simple, hand crafted premium ciders sourced entirely from local, donated garden apples.

Each year, over 4000 local households take their spare garden fruit to the Garden Cider Company and in return receive a share of the cider made back for free, taking an abundant, largely wasted natural resource and turning it into sustainable, ethical and quality products.

The flavours in The Garden Cider Range include: Original, Dry Hopped, Elderflower, Plum & Ginger, Wild Strawberry, Raspberry & Rhubarb, Blueberry and Berry & Cherry.

In 2019, The Garden Cider Company was shortlisted in the Sustainable Use of Raw Materials category of the 2019 Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards.