The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) proudly unveils its new website today, further underlining its reputation as the authority on all cider matters and promoting #greatbritishciders.

A visit to provides an even greater depth of information than before, now presented in a more accessible and interactive format. The new website also reflects the changes in the NACM over the last 12 months, with full time employees ensuring the organisation is a more visible, relevant and effective organisation.

Martin Thatcher, Chairman of the NACM, said, ‘This new website provides the perfect platform for the NACM to tell cider’s unique story. We are an industry with a rich history, a proud heritage and tradition, but we are incredibly relevant.’

He goes on,’ Cider makers are critical to the rural communities in which they operate, through employment, apple growing and affiliated services. Cider makers’ continued investment and innovation make an important contribution to the future of these communities.’

The website showcases the role and importance of apple varieties, the cider making process and the differences between cider and perry.  Cider and food matching, a growing trend, is explored, with suggestions provided on pairing the perfect cider for any meal.

The cider category is incredibly innovative and diverse, with a cider for every occasion, whether that be a crisp and refreshing thirst-quencher, a bold and rich cider for the fireside, a dry sparkling cider for celebration, or a fruity cider to match with a piece of strong cheese.

The breadth and scope of the new website is greater than ever before.  ‘The NACM is now in a position to advocate this fantastic drink to a wider audience, including the drinks trade and the consumer’, explains NACM Communications Officer, Gabe Cook.  He continues,’ We continue to be the authority on all cider matters, but now with an active news page, Twitter and Facebook accounts we can spread the word even more effectively on #greatbritishciders.’