From The Fuss Free Foodie – watch the video here:

Serves approx. 8

  • 568ml bottle of Magners cider
  • 35g brown sugar
  • 6g mint, finely chopped (about 20 leaves, retain small sprigs for decoration)
  • 6 rasps of nutmeg
  • ½ tsp pink peppercorns, ground


  1. Into a bowl, pour the Magners cider along with all the other ingredients.
  2. Mix together, pour into a lidded tub and leave in the freezer overnight.
  3. Take the granita out of the freezer and scrape it up with a fork so that it makes little shards.
  4. Place the granita back into the freezer until you are ready or serve immediately in small bowls.
  5. Add an optional sprig of mint to the top! Enjoy!!

Freezing does not reduce the alcohol content – for legal drinking age only!