A Great British Success Story – That’s Under Threat

The Great British Cider Industry is under threat and needs support, impacting employment, farming, tourism and local pubs.

British Cider makers are world renowned leaders and without support this great British tradition could disappear.

Many cider makers have been making cider for generations and cider making as a tradition is centuries old in Britain. Cider makers contribute to the rural economy by employing local people, working with local suppliers, buying apples from local farmers and attracting more than half a million tourists each year. Cider also plays a rich part in local pubs, attracting consumers and provides variety and choice.

Cider is an industry that thrives in the right conditions.


The Cider Industry, A Decade in Decline

Sustainability & Responsibility – At the Heart of the Cider Industry

The  Cider Industry recognises the importance of creating a sustainable environment and takes responsibility seriously. Cider Makers contribute to many initiatives. Examples include:

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