New alcohol consumer organisation, Drinkers’ Voice, has revealed an exclusive poll which
highlights that 70% of the UK’s drinkers don’t listen to official alcohol guidelines. We would
like you to join us in supporting them in their fight against the anti-alcohol lobby!

Drinkers’ Voice is a brand new initiative which seeks to bring the public back into the debate
on alcohol and health. You’ll know that for too long this debate has been dominated by the
anti-alcohol lobby, which has sought to denormalise drinking and restrict people’s access to
alcohol. As a result, we have seen the UK’s alcohol guidelines reduced last year without
credible evidence to justify it. As the poll shows, this has widened the gap between
government’s instruction and people who want to just enjoy a drink.

The grassroots organisation will have spokespeople in communities across the country –
normal people who are passionate about their right to enjoy a drink, and who want to speak
up for everyone who does so in moderation. Through every media channel possible, they
will speak up for normal responsible drinkers, celebrate the joys of alcohol and rebut the
myths spread by those whose agenda is to restrict the availability of alcohol and increase its
price, so that it becomes inaccessible.

We believe that is important that people understand the benefits of drinking alcohol as part
of a healthy lifestyle. We want people to talk about enjoying a drink with friends enhances
their wellbeing, and how scientific evidence shows that moderate drinking can help heart and
cognitive health. You can be part of it.

This is an opportunity to build a mass movement which brings common sense into the
conversation on drinking. But it can’t be achieved without generosity from those who believe
in this cause. For as little as £5, you can pledge your donation here.

You can find out more information about Drinkers’ Voice and donate by visiting the website: