In 1664 John Evelyn wrote ‘Generally all strong and pleasant cider excites and cleanses the Stomach, strengthens Digestion, and infallibly frees the Kidneys and Bladder from breeding the Gravel Stone’.
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UK Cider Industry Reaction to Government Announcement of Minimum Unit Pricing

March 23 2012


Henry Chevallier, Chair of the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM).

“The cider industry is extremely disappointed with the Government's new legislative approach. There has been no consultation despite the great impact this legislation could have on our industry, which contributes significantly to the local, rural economies where our members are based.  

“The NACM recognises that we must find a solution to alcohol misuse, but Minimum Unit Pricing is not a silver bullet, therefore a commitment to implement it without debate is not how we expect Government to operate.  

“We are pleased to see that other aspects of planned changes will be discussed more broadly and we will be responding positively to Government recommendations for further joint-industry cooperation, working towards resolving the big issues surrounding alcohol misuse.  

“We continue to support the Responsibility Deal and believe that the Unit Reduction Pledge announced today is a positive step forward.”


Minimum Unit Pricing

For reference here the NACM line on minimum pricing:

·         Alcohol misuse is not a single issue, it is a number of complex and different issues affecting different groups of society – and a very small proportion of the total population (where per capita consumption of alcohol is reducing – particularly in younger adults, 16-24)

·         Minimum Unit Pricing is not a ‘silver bullet’

·         Evidence suggests that the majority of those misusing alcohol are the least impacted by price increases.  Price increases only impact those on low incomes

·         Linking price increases to tax is indiscriminate and will damage low income, moderate consumers, pubs and other areas of the industry that are not intended to be impacted in this way

·         Cider is a small category that is very susceptible to price increases.  Tax increases will have a disproportionate impact on the industry and consequently the rural economy

·         The cider industry advocates targeted interventions to offer the right solution to address misuse rather than whole population measures that might deliver only small improvements at the expense of           all



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