Organic ciders are becoming increasingly available in the UK. To be organic the apples must come from orchards in which no pesticides have been used. One major producer has launched a scheme to have as much as 1,000 acres of old traditional orchards registered as organic with the Soil Association.
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SWECA visits West Bradley Orchards

March 21 2012


On 1st March a party of SWECA members (South West of England Cidermakers Association) visited West Bradley Orchards, near Glastonbury.  The visit followed the spring meeting of the Association, held nearby at Wraxall.

The purpose of the visit was to introduce members to the wire system that has been in place at West Bradley for dessert apples for three years, and to discuss further possibilities for the system.

The tour was guided by Neil Macdonald from Orchard Pig Ground Force and Edward Clifton-Brown, owner of West Bradley Orchards. Robert Fouvargue, Agronomist with Pearce Seeds, was also on hand to answer questions.

Neil Macdonald said: “We were very pleased that such a large number of SWECA members came to visit us. We have been growing dessert apples on a wire system for some time and we wanted to share our thoughts on how this system could be adapted to grow cider fruit.”

John Thatcher, from Thatcher’s Cider, has been growing cider apples on a similar system for some time and was very enthusiastic and encouraging, he said: “It is the way forward, of that I have no doubt,” 



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