45% of all the apples grown in the UK are now used here for cider making. A reducing amount of apple juice concentrate from central European countries like Austria, Germany and Italy is required to make up the shortfall and to blend to produce certain styles of cider.
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Reaction from the UK cider industry, Henry Chevallier, Chair of the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM).

March 21 2012


Reaction from the UK cider industry, Henry Chevallier, Chair of the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM).

“Though not entirely unexpected this decision puts at risk the progress the industry has made in recent years to be more sustainable, to increase consumer choice, to address misuse and grow government revenues.

“The industry has just renewed its commitment to be even more sustainable and to invest in the rural areas where we are based and this move makes that much tougher. This comes at a time when consumers are already reducing their spending – the chance to enjoy a glass of cider just got more expensive.

“There is a budget deficit to address and that is understood.

“However, for an industry with an investment cycle measured in decades it is vital that we quickly return to a stable and sensible duty regime. 

“Stability will ensure that the cider industry can continue to invest at a level that supports the rural economy and help improve the prospects for a very British success story – we don’t have that with this decision.”

UK Cider industry and duty regime

·         There are around 500 active cider makers in the UK and NACM members account for c.90% of total UK production

·         At just over 9 million hectolitres per annum the UK market is the largest cider market in the World

·         9 million hectolitres is 1,908,000,000 pints or means over 5.2 million pints of cider (or perry) enjoyed every day

·         The value of sales of cider in the UK is around £2.4bn

·         The UK cider industry now presses around 195,000 tonnes of apples annually, around 45% of all apples grown in the UK

·         Cider’s share of total UK alcohol is around 9% (based on equivalent serve)

·         In 2002 a 2% reduction in cider duty was followed by 4 successive duty freezes. This stability on duty and the innovation and investment of cider makers meant that the value of cider sales doubled   between 2004 and 2008, doubling government revenues as a result

·         It is premium cider that is driving growth and this sector now represents around 20% of cider sales (by volume). By contrast white cider is in marked and long-term decline and now represents less   than 6% of total cider, and hence only ½% of total UK alcohol


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